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CLK 004


Bush Nightingale Clock-Radio

‘Bush,’ a name which has a recognizable standing in the world of the famous vintage radios was a company which was established in 1932 as a derivative of the ‘Amplion Co’ and a subsidiary to the Gaumont British Picture Corporation. This British company holds on to its stature even today; with its name derived from the location ‘Sherperds Bush’ where it was first established. It was later adopted by the famous Rank Empire and a time-honored brand ‘Rank Bush Murphy Ltd.’ came into being. Bush has introduced a number of famous radios and televisions, with the honor of the classics being reproduced and sold even today. Their product range as expanded to clock radios, set top boxes, televisions, Blu-ray players, tablets, mp3/mp4 players, turn tables, washing machines, etc.
Presented here is a very unique 1970s ‘Bush Nightingale Clock-radio’; aptly named nightingale because the clock had alarm feature, as well. It featured a built in speaker with medium/ long wave alarm clock and radio with broadcast (MW) and long wave. It was totally battery operated with both the clock and radios needing size C batteries.
Its outlook had a modern touch with matte silver front panel, white clock background and complete black body. It was made of all modern plastic. This product is present in a very good condition with no apparent damage to the clock or radio panel, except a bit of wear and tear to the paint on the front panel due to aging.
Buy it before someone else does, to give a vintage look to your table or bedside. This would certainly bring back old memories to many of your visitors and give a classic look to your room in the age of modern gadgets.
• Made in Japan for Rank Organization
• Produced in 1970s
• Condition (In our opinion): 7.5/10
• Item code: CLK 004




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