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RSG 1118

Feilo 飞乐 272

Title: Feilo 飞乐 272

Item code: RSG 1118

Year: 1963

Model: Feilo 飞乐 272

Country: People Republic of China

Manufacturer/ Brand:  Shanghai No.2 Radio Factory; Shanghai

Material: Wooden case

Size: 15Inc height, 27Inc length, 10Inc width


Liwen Wireless Company, Shanghai simplified Chinese was founded in November 1939. Their first radio was Philo which is a “One tube or Crystal dual-purpose radio”. The company was soon forced by the Japanese occupation force to produce bicycle seats.
After the end of World War II in 1945, Shanghai radio manufacturing industry (like AMA Radio, Liwen, etc.) resumed radio production.
In 1962, Shanghai 131 was transferred to Shanghai No. 2 Wireless Factory to manufacture. Based on Shanghai 131, the factory developed Shanghai 531 seven-tube four-band super-heterodyne floor standing radio and Shanghai 532 fourteen-tube full-band super-heterodyne radio receiver, record player and sound recorder multifunctional radio, the 531 and 532 model all exceeded national class1 radio standards. From 1953 to 19570, the radio production of this factory accounted for 25.6% of national radio productions, many models were exported. From 1952 to 1959, major products from this factory are radios and amplifiers, a total of 13 types 58 models of radio were developed.




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