Realistic AM/FM Radio MTA-11 12-690

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In 1921 in Boston a retail and mail-order store with the name RadioShack has been founded by Theodore and Milton Deutschmann, during the following years the company spread and entered the hifh-fidelity market in 1947 opening the first audio showrooms in the USA.
In the early 1960s, the company which also sold their own private-label product line under the name of Realistic ® got into financial struggles and had been taken over by the leather goods trading company Tandy. Under the new management, the company found a great success, spreading retail outlets through the USA. Tandy got well known not only by their efforts in the Citizens Band market, but also with their first affordable personal computer, the TRS-80 which went into mass production and reached phenomenal sale numbers with over 200’000 units.
In the 1990s, the name was changed into RadioShack Corporation again. The company turned back into electronics, personal communications and wireless telephones as their core business, according to the consumer’s demands
in the last years mainly brand-name products could be found on RadioShack’s shelves.
Nowadays, RadioShack electronic outlets are widely spread across the US.

Title: Realistic AM/FM Radio MTA-11
Item code: RSG 1055
Model No. 12-690
Weight: 2.376kg
AM: 520-1620 KHz
FM: 88-108MHz
The radio measures 13.5″ X 8.5″ X 4.5″
The wood case is in excellent condition
Good Sound for its Age
It will be for sure a wonderful eye catching addition to your collection. 

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