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CLK 114


 Big Ben Repeater Alarm Clock 

Item code: CLK 114

Brand: Westclox

Country: Australia

Colour: Black and Gold

Type: Wind-up

This is a delightful Big Ben repeater style 8, wind up alarm clock in very good working condition. It has a cream body and a gold tone surround with gold tone hands. The clock face is black with gold numerals 1 to 12 around the face.
Vintage item from the 1940s

It is made by Westclox in Australia between 1946 and 1953. The clock is in good condition with one or two minor scratches and marks I consider the clock to be in excellent vintage working condition. The winders wind easily and the clock has a lovely tick. The alarm works and the clock keeps very good time.
It needs winding daily.
Measures 5″ across and 5″ from top to bottom of base.



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