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MCA 029


Eumig Eumigette Zoom Super 8 Movie/Video Camera

Eumig was an Austrian company that manufactured audio and video devices from 1919 to 1982.  It initially produced radios, then started manufacturing filming equipment. In 1930s, it produced its first movie camera Eumig C-1 which was the first in the world with semi-automatic exposure control. After Kodak introduced the Super-8 film, Eumig started the Vienette Super-8 series, which made it the only European manufacturer with complete range of equipment for super-8 films. The Eumig Vienette 3 was produced from 1970 to 1973, which was one of the top range cameras in the Vienette series with Austrozoom Super-8 lens.

Though it was a real challenge getting things right on manual apparatus back in the day, the Eumig Eumigette Zoom Super 8 did wonders for film makers in the 8 mm category. A true collector would know its worth.



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