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MSC 093


Copper & Brass Tea Pot

Glorious RAJ era, at that time when the sun was setting on the fortunes of Mughal Nawab. This teapot with its highly original design is made of original copper. It is pleasant and easy to hold with its brass handle. It has a broad filter, making it easy to brew all kinds of teas and herbal teas. Ludik comes in two versions: shiny brushed brass and shiny brushed copper. It looks like a piece of art but it’s made for everyday use. These pots not only heat up fast but as is the case with all copper ware, makes your brew taste better too! These pots will virtually last forever.

Vintage Copper & Brass Tea Pot at Top of Brass Handle Condition is good for its age.
Title: Copper & Brass Tea Pot

Item code: MSC 093

Brand: unknown

Bottom Kettle: Volume: 32 oz Height: 5.5″ Diameter: 5.5 ”
Top Kettle: Volume: 16 oz Height: 5.0″ Diameter: 4.



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