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PRJ 192



Item code:  PRJ 192

Condition: 8/10


ELMO was founded in 1921 as SAKAKI SHOKAI (SAKAKI Co.) in Nagoya by Hidenobu Sakaki.
The company released its first 16mm projector Type A in 1927, the first such projector manufactured in Japan.
It was renamed GK ERUMO-SHA (ELMO Partnership) in 1933, and later, was incorporated as KK ERUMO-SHA (ELMO CO., LTD.) in 1949.

ELMO stands for Electricity Light Machine Organization.

ELMO is a worldwide known brand of 16mm portable projectors since many years. While the EIKI stationary projectors are so popular in the world, the ELMO stationary projectors are less known outside Japan.

The Elmo 16CL is a very popular projector with film collectors. It was one of the very last new designs to go on the market. Some were also sold under the Kodak name. Elmo also continually refined it during its years of production. They additionally used it as the base for specialty models in the years following its introduction. A Xenon (High-Intensity Arc light) model was offered and a push-button adaptation and a self-contained telecine series were offered years later. Options included magnetic sound playback and a rare widescreen (anamorphic) bracket.

The Elmo 16-CL is one of the most popular 16mm sound projectors. It handles old shrunken film as well as it does new film. Shows a bright, rock steady image. Channel threading provides safe, positive film handling. Comes with a with a bright 2″ (50mm) f1.2 lens and 2-position lamp brightness switch. Runs 24 frames per second sound speed only. Uses an ELC 250 watt or EJL 200 watt bulb. Fully refurbished including new rubber surfaced guide rollers. Exceptional quality image and sound. Comes with instruction book, protective cover, sound test film and an 800′ take-up reel stored in the side of the projector (has 2000′ reel capacity). Like New condition.


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