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PRJ 354

Vintage ELMO FP-A Standard 8mm & Super 8 ADJUSTABLE SPEED Movie Projector

Elmo is a Japanese company, currently producing CCTV equipment (including CCD cameras), projectors and presentation devices.
The company was founded in 1921 as Sakaki Shōkai. It released its first 16mm projector (model A) in 1927; this was the first such device manufactured in Japan.
In 1933The company became G.K. Elmo-sha, “Elmo & Co.”). The name is the abbreviation for “Electricity Light Machine Organization”. The first 8mm projector (model Hayabusa) was released in 1936, and the Elmoflex series of 6×6 TLR cameras was introduced in the early 1940s.
The Elmo Company was one of the 17 founding members of the Optical and Precision Instruments Manufacturers’ Association, Kōgaku Seiki Kōgyō Kyōkai).
The company was incorporated as K.K. Elmo-sha (“Elmo Co., Ltd.”) in 1949. It went on making cine cameras and cine and slide projectors. It began making CCD cameras in 1984, and continues up to this day (2009).


Title: Elmo 8mm Projector

Item code: PRJ 354

Brand: Elmo

Model: FP

Type: Movie Projectors

Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan

Movie Film Format: 8mm

Vintage Elmo 8mm Projector (not Super-8) made in Japan. Looks and works very well. Including take-up reel, roll of leader tape. It adds depth and enriches your home/office interior…




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