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RSG 1054


Item Code: RSG 1054

  • Country: Germany
    • Manufacturer Brand: Graetz, Altena (Westfalen)
    • Material: Wooden case
    • Shape: Tablemodel with Push Buttons.
    • Details: Record Player (not changer)
    • Two tuning dials, for AM and for FM, with single knob
    • Three tone register keys
    • Key switch for magic eye
    • Four speakers; the horn tweeter drives two fluted radiators for 3D sound
    • Near mint condition
    • Top sound!

This radio, built around 1957, looks very modern, due to its sharp corners and to the light colors. Its huge cabinet, the plenty of keys and knobs, the massive brass grid over the speakers, all talk of a top radio. Great care is given to the audio section, with alternate tone controls and tone register keys, 3-D sound key and the impressive speaker system: two large elliptical wide band and a small conical tweeter on the front panel, plus two fluted radiators on each side, feeded by a single horn tweeter driver. Four speakers driven by a mere EL84, 4 watt output audio stage! Other features are quite common in German radios of the period. Quite unusual is the magic eye saving key button, which switches off the magic eye when not needed for tuning. Tubes: ECC85, ECH81, EF89, EABC80, EL84, EM34, plus the selenium bridge B250C75.

The radio, found in Germany, was in fair cosmetic state, but required the substitution of one elliptic speaker. Today it looks and works great, with an impressive sound in FM.

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