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RSG 1083

His Master’s Voice Transistor 7

Item code: RSG 1083

Brand: His Master’s Voice

Year: 1960’s

Model: HMV 1424

Dimensions: 8″ Height, 10.5 length, 3.6″ width

The HMV-1424 was released in May 1961. It is a 7-Transistor plus 2 crystal diode two-waveband portable receiver covering the Long wave (from1136- 2040m) and Medium Wave (from183 – 556m) bands.

This vintage radio has been fully checked, serviced and cleaned, it is all complete and looks fantastic. It standing on four rubber feet, the red covered wooden case is in good condition with a strong metal carry handle (including some signs of age). The grille is clean and the chrome trim is all bright and rust free.

This is a rare vintage HMV radio and even more rare in this complete and excellent condition. It is a great item for vintage radio collectors and very good for every day.






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