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RSG 1240

Philips Radiogram

Item Code: RSG 1240

Condition: 9/10

Material: wood


Length: 41”

Width: 15.5”

Height: 30”

In British English, a radiogram is piece of furniture that combined a radio and record player. The word radiogram is a portmanteau of radio and gramophone. The corresponding term in American English is console.
Radiograms reached their peak of popularity in the post-war era, supported by a rapidly growing interest in records. Originally they were made of polished wood to blend with the furniture of the 1930s, with many styled by the leading designers of the day. An expensive instrument of entertainment for the house, fitted with a larger loudspeaker than the domestic radio, the radiogram soon began to develop features such as the record auto-changer, which would accept six or seven records and play them one after another.

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