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RSG 513


MURPHY Radio type U 198 H build in 1954

Item code: RSG 513

Brand: Murrphy

Year: 1954

Country: Great Britain (UK)

Model: type U 198 H

Manufacturer / Brand: Murphy Radio Ltd.; Welwyn Garden City

Material: Bakelite case


The brand “MURPHY” has been in existence since 1948. Now, it exclusively belongs to Shirodkar Group of Companies. The brand’s mascot, a lovely baby ‘munna’, still rings a note with its quizzical smile and sharp look and is still fondly remembered as also the punch line – “Ghar Ghar ki Ronak.!”.
Their wide range of consumer electronic products includes:
Radios, DVD Players, DVD Audio Music System, 2.1 Home Theater, 5.1 Home Theater, TELEVISIONS
All of their products are manufactured at state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with total priority to quality. They continuously work as a team to maintain and improve high quality standards as per our customer needs and preferences. They have our own in-house engineering and plastic molding division where all the mounds are exclusively designed by their engineers having expertise knowledge in the field.


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