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RSG 550

Vintage Radio Pye 3026 MW SW retro

Title: Radio Pye 3026 MW SW retro

Item code: RSG 550

Brand: pye

Model: 3026

Made in England,

Length: 60, Width: 18, Height: 27

Reference no. EB0357

Slightly chipped wood from one side.


The story of Pye’s entry into the radio market begins after the First World War. During the war there had been a large demand for precision instruments and after the war there was a short boom in scientific instruments, but by 1921 the market had virtually collapsed and the Company, which by now had 100 employees, was obliged to diversify into other equipment.

In 1928, the radio side of W. G. Pye & Co. was bought from the Pye family by Mr. Charles Orr Stanley. He had the vision to recognize the growth potential of domestic radio receivers, which

led to the formation and registering of Pye Radio Ltd. as a public limited company on 12th February, 1929.


In December 1966 Philips, followed by Thorn, made an offer to buy the entire Pye Group. The Directors of Pye recommended shareholders not accept these offers. Increased offers followed and the Pye Board signaled it was inclined to recommend acceptance of a revised offer from Thorn if the informally discussed amount was formally proposed.

In February 1967 Pye Holdings Ltd was created by Philips Electronic Industries UK to hold the shares of Pye of Cambridge Ltd already owned by Philips. An increased offer was made and the Pye Board recommended acceptance.

Philips then began the process of rationalizing and merging the audio, radio and television activities of the combined Pye and EKCO groups. The Pye Lowestoft factory was subsequently sold to Sanyo for the manufacture of television sets after Philips moved the manufacture of Pye televisions to Singapore.

The Pye brand name and ‘brake-shoe’ logo was retained by N.V.Philips and used as a secondary brand in various world markets to this day.



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