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RSG 645

PL-737 PLL Digital Portable Radio

Title: PL-737 PLL Digital Portable Radio

Item code: RSG 645

Model: PL-737

Manufacturer: Tecsun

Type HF / VHF receiver

TECSUN Electronic was founded in 1994, specializing in manufacturing a full range of radio products. As a radio manufacturer, the company produces Amateur (HAM) receivers, PLL (Phase-locked Loop) receivers, Multi-conversion World Receivers, DSP (Digital Signal Processing) receivers, pocket sized receivers, and Hi-fi audio systems. Over the years, TECSUN has become market leader in the radio business in China, and exports its brand and other OEM brand products throughout Asia, Europe, South and North America since 1996. Besides its focus on manufacturing, TECSUN also engages in a variety of Chinese community projects, from supporting youth’s education to providing assistance in emergency relief during national disasters.



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