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RSG 686

Sanyo All Wave Deluxe Transcontinental

Title: Sanyo All Wave Deluxe Transcontinental

Item code: RSG 686

Made in Japan

Manufacturer / Brand

Country: Japan

Model: 8-U-P35

Category: Broadcast Receiver – or past WW2 Tuner

Modern plastics (no Bakelite or Catalin)

Sanyo- a name in the consumer electronics companies that holds a time honored position undeniably. It was founded by Toshio Iue in 1947. This Japanese company was a member of Fortune Global 500 and has more than 200 subsidiaries. It was aptly named ‘Sanyo’ as it means three oceans in Japanese, as the founder aimed at spreading the company’s products across the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean and undoubtedly succeeded at doing so. He himself was a former Matsushita employee and used an empty warehouse to initiate a small business of making bicycle generator lamps, and later succeeded in making Japan’s very first plastic radio. The company prospered by leaps and bounds, and it still continues to produce a variety of consumer electronics such as radios, televisions, cellular phones, batteries, etc.



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