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TPW 238

Commodore Amiga 500+ (plus)

Do you remember your first home computer?

Was it a Commodore 64, Vic 20 or an Amiga? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a modern-day PC in a retro computer shell?

Starting with the famous Commodore 64 & Vic 20, aim to expand the range to include the Amiga, Atari and spectrum ranges. Whether you are a hardened ‘Modder’ or someone who just wants a complete system we can accommodate you.

After the huge success of the Amiga 500, Commodore launched a new version of the machine called the Amiga 500 Plus. The original Amiga 500 plus proved to be Commodore’s best-selling Amiga model, enjoying particular success in Europe. Popular with hobbyists, arguably its most widespread use was as a gaming machine, where its advanced graphics and sound were of significant benefit. Some small changes were made to reduce costs and a few hardware changes were also made. Although the Amiga 500+ was an improvement to the Amiga 500, it was minor. It was discontinued and replaced by the Amiga 600 in summer 1992, making it the shortest-lived Amiga model. It will be look classic if it hooks on with an old TV for your home décor.

  • Item code: TPW 238
  • Model: A-500PLUS
  • Serial no: 001478
  • Manufacturer: Commodore
  • Power supply: 5Vdc   5A 12vdc  2 1A-  12Vdc  1A
  • Includes power supply unit
  • 25 inches floppy drive
  • Motorola 68000CPU running at 7.09 MHz (PAL) / 7.16 MHz (NTSC), like its predecessor
  • 1 MB Chip RAM
  • Kick start 2.04 (v37.175)
  • Workbench 37.67 (release 2.04)
  • Built in battery backed RTC (Real Time Clock)


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