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CLK 032


Westclox jewelled Genuine cowhide Germany

On offer here, is the vintage jeweled Westlock Trivalent alarm clock, which was considered to be a high quality travel timepiece made by Westclox- the makers of the famous Big Ben.
The history of the clock manufacturing company dates back to 1885, when Charles Stahlberg established the United Clock Company in Peru, Illinois. The company produced clocks based on Stahlberg’s technical modifications. However, it was renamed to Western Clock Manufacturing Company in 1888 by Matthiessen, under this title they patented the famous Big Ben alarm clock. The nomenclature was modernized to ‘Westclox’, first in 1910. The brand name still thrives for clocks and alarm clocks.
The vintage Westclox Traveler is triangular in shape, with the outer case made of genuine Cowhide in subtle ballet pink or beige color. It is a pocket size clock, very light and easy to carry. The interior of the dial is white in color with the jewelled feature and brand name clearly visible. The digits of the clock are of embossed golden figures, the back has the alarm controls and the inside of the casing is made of plastic. The outer shows signs of aging with slight scuff marks.
It would make a great décor for your mantelshelf or bedside, bringing back the old days of loud alarm bells and is a must have for vintage clock collectors.
Condition (In our opinion): 7.5/10
Made in Germany
Item Code: CLK 032


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