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MRA 047



Item code: MRA 047


Another unique item in our nautical antique collection is the aerovane. The instrument which measures the wind speed called anemometers have been designed in various different ways such as propellers, cups, laser, pressure tube, hot wire, Doppler, etc. Aerovanes are basically wind mill or propeller type mechanical velocity anemometers which determine wind speed and direction. The axis of the aerovane must be horizontal i.e. parallel to the direction of the wind; and the speed measured by the counter is converted to wind speed with the help of an electronic chip. It works on Bernoulli’s principle and uses airfoil to create rotation and hence, the speed of air flow on one side of the vane is faster than the other side of the vane.

Aerovanes were widely used on large sea vessels such as ships as the measurement of wind speed and direction is important for navigation of the sea. This aerovane dates back to mid-century probably but have no particular indication of made or company name. The body is made of fiberglass and the propeller is made of plastic. It has a predrilled flanged base providing a sturdy support to be mounted on any support to impart an exceptional distinctive marine theme to your interior as this item is indeed a rarity. It is present in two colors, black and cyan.

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