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TPW 244

Adler Gabriele 12 Typewriter

The Adler Company was started in 1896 and began with a focus in making bicycles, automobiles, and motorcycles. Later on, the company was merged with the Triumph-Werke Company to form the TA Triumph-Adler AG company. In order to boost revenue and production, Triumph-Adler determined to enter the printing industry by producing typewriters for small and large businesses, as well as homes. Adler typewriters were proven to stand the tests of many years, including the Great Depression and two World Wars. Users were always satisfied with the functioning of the Adler typewriters, and some of them were still in use over 50 years after production.


Title: Adler Gabriele 12 Typewriter

Item code: TPW 244

Brand: Adler

Vintage Adler typewriter includes the original case, with Arabic numerals, can be a unique collection for your interior.



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